Irish Syndicate Bred and Banded-2011 One Loft Results
***** Some of these birds/siblings were offered as youngsters *****

Many Irish birds on CBS Mercedes 200m

2 Irish birds on 1st drop CBS Mercedes 300m

Sierra Ranch Classic
Jedds 14531 - 9th 350m, 2nd Champion Bird
Jedds 14534 - 7th 350m for Ellis Family Loft

Americas International Challenge
Irish 552 - e1st 150m; 1st 300m (Car Winner for Khue Dinh)
World of Wings Triple Crown
Irish 532 - e1st 200m; 5th 350m
2nd Champion Bird

Shasta Classic
Irish 542- e1st 254m

Lucky 17 One Loft Race
Irish 625 - e1st 200m
Hall of Fame Race
Irish 539 - e1st 200m, 9th 350m
Irish 535 - 6th 350m
2nd, 3rd Avg Speed (125m-350m)
Irish 558, 581,  - 1st drop 250m
Irish 558 - 1st drop 300m
Irish 580 - 8th 300m