From an early memory of an ark, a dove and a
rainbow, my fascination with what we now call the
Rock Dove (Columba livia) is now my obsession.
The mystery homing ability of Noah's dove to return
with an olive branch flying possibly 500 miles on
the day, signifying the end of the flood, the saving of
lives and a time of peace.

At the end of World War I and II, we find a repeat
where homing pigeons have served important
roles, having received bravery awards and medals
for their services in saving hundreds of human
lives: notably, the French pigeon Cher Ami who
received the Croix de Guerre for his heroic actions
during World War I, and  the Irish Paddy and the
American G.I. Joe, who both received the Dickin
Medal,  for their gallant and brave actions during
World War II.

Racing pigeons are now a part of my life, not just a
hobby.  These birds have literally saved my life and
have kept me going throughout difficult periods in
my life. I will always have racing pigeons~ there is
an incredible, unspoken and far superior bond
between us.