AU09 Irish Syndicate 139
AU09 Irish Syndicate 140

AU04 Jedds 0079
Son of Sure Bet and
281 Leen Boers

AU02 OCF 1213
Bekaert from Greg
Best of Sure Bet
Email:                  Phone (480) 215-4255
Irish Syndicate 20 x 1st (or Equal 1st)  in 2008 One Loft Races

Sire: AU05 WEF 1698 bred by Victor Valenzuela.
This bird is from the famous Jedds 0079 who is sire and grandsire to countless winners - possibly
the best breeding son of Sure Bet. Bekaert hen OCF 1213 also needs no introduction.

Dam: Out of my winning Millennium blood:
GFL483's children are breeding superstars.
AU06 Dutch 206 was a money winner and excellent racer and bred:
    Rocket Queen AU08 AONE 66 (e1st Texas Gusher 302m)
Full brother AU06 Dutch 1811 bred:
    1st AONE Auction Race 300m (AU07 Dutch 1460)
Zah e1st WinnersCupUSA 225m   (AU08 AONE 26)
    e1st AONE 376m (AU07 Jedds 29002)
German Angel e1st CBS Mercedes 08 200m (AU08 Dutch 448)
PLUS many other combine winners in the tough Arizona desert !!

Son of Millennium
and Sapphire

AU04 GFL 936 BB
Daughter of Man A
War and Solid Gold