AU08 AONE 44
5th World Ace Challenge 08

NL 1656210 - 02

NL 9782667 97
Golden Breeder
Irish Syndicate was overall 5th, 11th, 45th, 105th with 5 birds entered
Nestmate AU08 AONE 43 was 105th overall, 15th (e1st) 150m.
Full sibling
Nebula Rising just won 42nd Hot Spot 5 MDPR, 383km, 3459 birds
Nebula Rising just won 47th MDPR Final, 550km, 3082 birds

Sire: AU05 GFL 1198
Sire to 7th Overall World Ace Challenge 06 (
AU06 JBS 102)
Sire to 11th Winners Cup USA 350miles (
AU07 Dutch 395 BBWF)
Grandsire to 11th World Ace Challenge 2008 (
AU08 AONE 52)
Grandsire to 45th World Ace Challenge 2008 (
AU08 AONE 53)
06799 DV05 183
Bred by Heinz Axer of Germany.
She is from the best of Verstraete greats with German bloodlines of the Million Dollar Race.
She had top performances in the Hot Spots including 42nd 400m Final Race.
Her siblings have done well for Heinz Axer in the MDPR.
Email:                  Phone (480) 215-4255
Best individual WAC finishes 5th 150m, 12th 400m, 15th 150m, 16th 350m

Bliksem x Super Elviske